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 how do you sleep at night? do you sleep on a pillow stack or you have one, the most important thing is that your neck and your spine should be in the right alignment.

  Read this article if you will like to know how to keep your body healthy and your spine in right alignment while sleeping on your Vitafoam Mattress. 

 During your sleep, your main goal is to keep your spine in neutral alignment,  no part of your body should be twisted or torqued sideways without being pushed or pulled in any particular direction.  

Although there are few things that can also determine how you sleep at night.  e.g mattress and your pillow.  The quality of your mattress can determine your sleep position,  and pillow your neck alignment.  

Before you made up your mind with regards to a pillow that is good for you, that pillow should help maintain a neutral position of your neck, and any pillow that is not good will keep your neck out of alignment during sleep. So when shopping for pillows, your first choice should be Vitafoam pillows. Pillows are different bear in mind that a pillow that works for you may not work for your partner. 

Side sleepers usually sleep on their sides, If you are a side sleeper, test your pillow by lying on it as if you were trying to fall asleep. First, make sure the pillow’s position is correct. 

The bulk of it should be in the small of your neck, with complete contact throughout the length of your neck. You should not have pillows under your shoulders or touching your back.

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