HOW MUCH SLEEP DO YOU NEED? ( See the Sleep Chart)


For your overall health and mental well-being, the hours of sleep you get each night is important.  There is no one formula that will fit everyone, in case you are asking yourself how much sleep do I need or how much sleep do kids need.  The answer to this question solely depends on how old you are,  what is your lifestyle,  your DNA, and how active you are plus so many other unmentioned factors. 

 To try to break things down using the national sleep Foundation chart which gives us a clear guide and helps us to know if we are getting enough shut-eye.  

 Basically sleeping boils down to this, you need more sleep especially if you are younger and if you are older you will likely need less. 

 After looking at the chart below you are expected to know if you are getting too much sleep or if you are getting less.

Sleep chart

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