Do You Know How To Write A To-do List? Learn From These Simple Tips

Do You Know How To Write A To-do List? Learn From These Simple Tips
Sometimes if we are too concerned about what lies ahead of us it can have a direct effect on our sleep. 

For those of us who don't know, there is a quick and easy way to ease our burdens. The solution is simple: 

Write your to-do list. Some of us don't have a  to-do list,

What's the benefit of writing a to-do list

  1. If you master the Habit of writing things down on paper before going to sleep, It can help you to build a sleeping routine.

  2.  So you can keep track and record how many hours you have slept.

  1. if you write regularly at night it will help improve your memory, although this does not

  1.  guarantee that you can't forget anything. Once in a while, you are still going to forget something, that's why we are human. But you will remember a lot more.

  1. writing a to-do list will ease the burden on your mind before you sleep. Because by writing them down you are already strategizing on you to execute your to-do list perfectly.

  1.  writing a to-do list. It reduces stress and anxiety because you already know what you want to face.

How to write a perfect to-do list.

Begin by writing all your gratitude and worries.

If you want to create a regular writing habit a gratitude journal will make it super easy for you. 

The next step is to write things down as they come into your mind. Use this as an opportunity to write down all your stress and worries. 

 Continue writing whatever comes to your mind so you won't forget them later on. Because sometimes it is hard to remember things if we don't jot down. 

Focus on one day at a time

Trying to do a to-do list for the whole week can be quite intimidating and stressful especially in a busy week.

Instead, save yourself the stress and narrow it down to a single day only, and start writing things that are realistic and achievable.

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